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Spell Jar Necklace Workshop

Tuesday 12/13/2022 | 7:00 PM

Join Midnight Bloom Emporium & Green Apotheca for a magickal night of crafting intentional spell jar necklaces! You will have the option of making a spell jar from the suggested categories (self-love, love spell, mental health, good vibes only, or wealth and success) or you can set your own personalized intention for your spell jar's properties. The Apothecary will be brought to you, and all participants are encouraged to explore the different herbs, flowers, and crystals, learn about their magickal properties, and add them to your spell jar. We will then learn how to turn the spell jars into necklace charms, and you can assemble your necklace with the option of an added charm from the Apotheca's collection. Wear your spell jar necklaces for an extra layer of protection or magick to keep with you throughout your day.

We must have at least 8 people registered to hold this workshop!

$25 for 1 or 2 for $35. (You can not buy the make two option for another person they must reserve their own seat, the buy to is for one person to make 2 necklaces)

All Supplies provided


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Workshop will be held at 

Studio 1170

1170 Losson Road | Buffalo NY 14227

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